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Tomorrow may rain, so i’ll follow the sun.

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Last Dance

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North Shore Oahu, 2010.  Wedding Day of Theo and Jessie.

100th Post.

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Empty Glass

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Empty. Perfect. Glasssssss

the me inside of me, the one that no one has seen, the me I strive to be.

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dreamlive~ click here ~


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Go Polaroid!

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~ Polaroid over Digital any day ~

The Cristo

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…And bored out of my mind.  I’m sorry for not posting anything! I have yet to scan all my polaroids… I’ll get on that ASAP.

Going to SB in the morning with Theo, Hopefully i’ll get some shots up there to post.  Here is something from Brasil :


I’ll get back into the swing of posting daily. Promise.


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Tomorrow morning I’ll be off again, this time to Brazil after being home from my last trip only 15 days.  I’ve got my new camera with me this time, and I intend to take a Polaroid every day, I’ll see if I post while I am there, but I doubt I’ll get to much. Theo has only posted once since his arrival. 


The Essentials! My 50D, 2 8gb cards, My all manuel Vivitar with plenty of film. Polaroid camera with film. Macro Lens, Headphones, card reader, extra cam battery, computer, my writing book filled with everything you can imagine, gum, peach rings and a battery charger.

Also not featured here is my tripod, ipod, a pen and a car stereo. Yes, I’m taking a car stereo.