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Last Dance

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North Shore Oahu, 2010.  Wedding Day of Theo and Jessie.


Walrus via T-Red #1

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My boards not even done yet, but here I am again. Have fun at work/school. I’m going to shred.

Photo weekend with Travis

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Just set my this up from my phone, no excuses for not posting now. Spent the weekend getting some photos of myself and Theo. Travis will be submitting them for a class, and Theo and I were stoked to gather our work together and pose. It’s been loads of fun, I’ll lost my portaits as soon as I get ’em.

~ Thanks Travis! ~

the me inside of me, the one that no one has seen, the me I strive to be.

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dreamlive~ click here ~

Like No Place Else.

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likenoplaceelse02Greg Sykes

likenoplaceelse03Jesse Saunders

likenoplaceelse011Kevin Mann

This guy…

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Took forever for me and Theo to catch.

geko01He wasn’t easy to take pictures of either.



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The lights : blow.







Last Night, live painting…

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I can’t seem to find my card reader to get all the photos off my camera, and there are a lot.  Theo and Johnny teamed up on a piece at Sutra last night… I’ll get these images up as soon as possible.

Still lacking access.

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I know I said I’d update every day, but have still lacked the access to the internet. I’m currently posting this on a train when i noticed the sign that said Free WiFi. Its slow, but it works.

I’m currently on my way to Scotland where I’ll try to upload more. I’ve had a fantastic time since i’ve been here. It was great seeing family for christmas that I havn’t seen in a few years, and I’ve been to see Manchester United play 3 times already and hopefully one more when they host Chelski.

New Years eve i spent in Leeds with my good friend Bowesey, and from what I remember we had a great time. We got turned away from two bars before going to one we had tickets given to us for. The cost to get in to most bars/clubs on new years eve was upward of 50pounds.  Nuts.  We tried our luck saying we played for Leeds United and got past the first bouncer, but the 2nd one asked us for names, Bowse made some up and the guy turned us away saying sorry he didnt recognize us. Bust. I told someone I was Landon Donovan at some point, and we eventually ended up in a club where we spent the remainder of 2008 without paying an entrance fee.

Now I’m on my way from York to Edinburgh, currently stopped in Newcastle. I was going to add some photos to this post but the connection must be to slow or something because I can’t get it to work.  I’ll try again once I reach scotland.

– Walrus