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Empty Glass

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Empty. Perfect. Glasssssss


So close I can feel it!

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Quick pick sent to me from Theo’s phone before she goes off to get glassed. aguaviva ? or The Squid ?


Stage 3

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My boards not even done yet, but here I am again. Have fun at work/school. I’m going to shred.


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Almost ready!

Lack of Posts a good thing!

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I’m sorry, no new photos. I know, I know. It’s not from lack of creativity though, just so you know.  I’ve been writing, a lot. My novel is still a jumble of scattered scenes that need sewing together, but its looked good lately. I haven’t written a single word for it since I was in Brasil. I still need to get the photos from Travis to post, and a painting I did for Liz’s birthday. I painted that before Brasil, shame on me. Not even a new polaroid to share.

Just keep checking back, I’ll have something for you sooner rather than later.



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