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Grass is Greener Movement.

Posted in art, Friends, Surf, Travel on October 29, 2008 by pabvlaki

Recently my good friend Kyle Lightner started a new project.Grass is Greener was birthed with only one goal in mind- gettin’ back to basics.




Posted in Friends on October 23, 2008 by pabvlaki

Somewhere around 20 years ago, A very young Paul had a birthday party in the backyard of what could very well have been the greatest cul-de-sac, Ever. At this party there were many young children in attendance, and almost all of them lived on this amazing little street.  I’ve seen a video of this party and recall watching myself hit someone with a small yellow plastic bat, then run to my mother crying, why the real victim of the incident ran to his mother.  Thats the only moment I can remember about that video. Me, Hitting Barrett Kemp with a plastic baseball bat on my birthday. Now its his 22nd birthday.

BKEMP is in Iraq on his birthday. I’ve thought about him a lot lately, I ask that you all do the same. for Corporal Barrett M. Kemp, and every other person out there.

The Tragedy of Robin Hood.

Posted in Writings on October 9, 2008 by pabvlaki


I tried to be the hero for her.

I thought I could be her robin hood.

I spent cold nights alone thinking of her.

I think of you every night, she tells me.

But she chose him. 


I wanted to scale castle walls,

and save her from everything that pained her.

Every kiss was a promise I made,

To be her hero some day.

Then she chose him.


No epic love song written for me,

My heart stopped beating, because It can’t beat for her.

Its my tragic story of robin hood,

The Villain over me.

When she chose him.


My tragic story of robin hood.


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One from the vault.

Posted in art on October 7, 2008 by pabvlaki

Heres something from a few months ago.

something new to follow.


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sometimes i like to think shes out there.

green eyes gazing up at the same lunar map.

slowly we traverse the heavens, looking for that perfect place.

we’ll fit snug in each others arms for eternity.

outlasting the sky’s we navigated for so long just to embrace.

the moon will be jealous of our love.

the sun its self wont be bright enough to subdue the blaze in our hearts.

Oh we’ve waited so long just to embrace.