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Spray paint makes me happy.

Posted in art on September 16, 2008 by pabvlaki

Theo and I were collaborating at the shop in Costa Mesa last night when we realized our stock of clear gloss and white spray was low, we headed out to Home Depot grumbling about spending money only to find out when we got there that they now have sprays for $2.99 ! we were pretty stoked.

We walked out with our arms full of paints and little smiles on our faces, we headed back to the shop and set to work at only 9pm! thats early for us ! I love spray paint!  Check this.


Note : Not a spray painted image!


Like Watching Paint Dry…

Posted in art, Earthquake, Surf on September 12, 2008 by pabvlaki

I got this new spray paint, its a water based spray paint, and it takes forever to dry. I’ve never waited around this long for something to dry before, its ridiculous.

Anyway, I started a 2nd wave, using the spray for the base of this one to speed things up, which it did not do.  Not sure if i like this spray yet, but this wave looks pretty cool, just need stands for them now.

Inspired by the Earth.

Posted in art, Earthquake, Surf on September 9, 2008 by pabvlaki

This piece is enspired by the earth. Waves Shape the earth. And this was originally a lamp. Destroyed by an EARTH quake. Sweet.